Press release

28July,2016 year

IKEA Centres Russia’s “Change” Campaign wins gold at ICSC Solal Marketing Awards

IKEA Centres Russia’s marketing campaign “Change” received the prestigious Gold Award at the ICSC Europe’s Solal Marketing Awards recognising best retail marketing projects across Europe and South Africa.

15July,2016 year

МЕGА Accelerator winner announced

IKEA Centres Russia has announced SensArt as the winner of its MEGA Accelerator project. SensArt, a start-up business developing sensor equipment, has developed “Surfancy” — a technology that can make any surface interactive.

26June,2016 year

IKEA Centres Russia to invest over 2 million euro in “MEGA PARK” near MEGA Dybenko in St Petersburg

IKEA Centres Russia will invest over 2 million euro to build “MEGA Park”, a 90,000 sqm. (969,000 sqft.) landscaped parkland with children’s playgrounds, food and leisure zones, and events spaces next to MEGA Dybenko shopping centre in St. Petersburg. This ambitious landscaping project will dramatically improve the public space and services adjacent to MEGA Dybenko.

01June,2016 year

$2.1bn IKEA Centres Russia investment prepares stage for US brands entering Russia

IKEA Centres Russia, the largest shopping centre operator in Russia and part of the global IKEA Centres Group, is attending ICSC ReCon Las Vegas this week to highlight the progress and specific details behind its $2.1 billion USD investment programme. The company is reinvesting into its portfolio of 14 MEGA shopping centres across Russia, strengthening their offer and appeal with significant mall extensions and commercial upgrades. Russia is Europe’s largest retail market — and IKEA Centres Group is a long-term investor in the country.

25March,2016 year

IKEA Centres Russia’s business incubator takes customer experience to the next level

IKEA Centres Russia announced the winners of the first stage of the MEGA ACCELERATOR project. 197 Russian companies were shortlisted among a total of 500 applicants.